Introduction to the bong

Bongs are a specialized tool that serves many purposes when smoking marijuana or other similar items. There are different types of bongs and different reasons for purchasing each of these. The bong has been used for many years and has served its main purpose with some various changes over time. These changes take the form of how they are designed and even what they are made out of. Beyond the basic use of the bong, there are several different advantages and disadvantages that apply when looking at using a bong. For more cool bongs click here.


History of the bong

The first bongs date back over 2,400 years. These were solid gold bongs used to drink some sort of concoction of marijuana and opium. These golden bongs were discovered in Russia and have been traced to the Scythians. It is believed that the Scythians used these to help get their soldiers into a certain frame of mind before battle.

Although this was the first recorded bong, there have been many more throughout history. One such case of the bong being used elsewhere was in Africa. There were eleven bongs found in a cave. They were tested to figure out the age and were dated between 1100 and 1400 BCE. When they were being tested, there was marijuana residue found within them.

Bongs were also in use in China as far back as the 16th century. It is commonly believed that Persia and the Silk Road introduced the bong to China during this period of time. Although these are just a few examples of where bongs have been used in history, there are many more similar examples that date back hundreds and thousands of years.
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